Thursday, 24 September 2020

Response to text Thurs

Please read the article on Antarctica here before answering the questions.

Outrageous Theories

1) Some people believe that ________

a) Aliens have abducted ships b) Mr Goodwin abducted the ships

c) Chickens have abducted ships d) They believe nothing

2) What do people think that the energy crystals do to ships and planes? 

a) Make them navitage straight b) Make them navigate backwards

c) Confuse the controls on ships and planes d) They do nothing

Humans make mistakes

3) What is one thing scientists believe? 

a) Humans never make mistakes b) The ships and planes fly themselves

c) Humans make mistakes d) Nothing, they believe nothing. 

4) What do scientists think happened to the ships and planes?

a) The were accidentally sunk b) They ran away from the captain

c) They were taken by aliens d) Mr Goodwin steals them all

Weather Conditions

5) There are often what in the Bermuda Triangle? 

a) Wild weather patterns b) Aliens roaming around

c) Sharks attacking ships d) Calm seams 

6) What kind of forces do scientists believe can disrupt the compass? 

a) Radio b) Magnetic 

c) Chocolate d) Let the Force be with you

7) What can the magnetic forces do?

a) Disrupt people dancing b) Disrupt people sleeping

c) Disrupt tandhe controls  radios d) Nothing at all.

Every Day Travel

8) What happens every day in the Bermuda Triangle?

a) Animals put on shows b) People swim through it 

c) Nothing at all happens d) Ships and planes travel over it 

9) What strengthens the theories of scientists?   

a) The weather b) Mr Goodin’s claims

c) Every day travel d) Disney Land

Opinion - What do you think about the Bermuda Triangle?

It Sound Crazy

Wednesday, 23 September 2020

Supported Fill in the gaps

Response to text

Bermuda Triangle Story - Questions

Please read the article on Antarctica here before answering the questions.

Flight 19

1) When did Flight 19 disappear?

a) December 5, 1947 b) December 4, 1945

c) December 21, 1945 d) December 5, 1945

2) How many bomber planes went missing first? 

a) 1 b) 7

c) 5 d) none of them went missing

3) Where did Flight 19 depart from? 

a) Puerto Rico b) New Zealand

c) Florida d) Bermuda

Miami Cruiser

4) When did the Miami Cruiser disappear? 

a) December 22, 1867 b) December 22, 1967 

c) December 23, 1967 d) December 22, 1977 

5) How many minutes did it take for the coast guard to reach the location? 

a) 20 minutes b) 12 minutes

c) 19 minutes d) 21 minutes

6) Did they ever find the ship?

a) Yes after 3 days b) Yes after 3 years

c) Yes after 18 minutes d) No they never saw it again

USS Cyclops

7) When did the USS Cyclops go missing? 

a) March 1918 b) October 1918

c) April 1918 d) It never went missing

8) How many crew were on board? 

a) None b) 209

c) 307 d) 309

9) The captain of the ship _______?

a) Called for help 100 times b) Radioed for help 

c) Never sent a distress call d) Had a party 

10) According to your reading more than how many ships and planes have gone missing in the Bermuda Triangle?   

a) 700 b) 150

c) 275 d) 100

Tuesday, 22 September 2020

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Bermuda Triangle Location - Questions

Please read the article on Antarctica here before answering the questions.

Atlantic Ocean

1) The Atlantic Ocean is the what _______ biggest ocean in the world

a) First b) Third

c) Fifth d) Second

2) What continents surround the Atlantic Ocean? 

a) America, Europe & Asia b) America, Europe & Antarctica

c) America, Europe & Africa d) America, Asia & Africa


3) What is the capital city of Bermuda? 

a) Hamilton b) Auckland 

c) Wellington d) Christchurch

4) How many islands make up Bermuda?

a) 120 b) 180

c) 181 d) 179

Puerto Rico

5) Puerto Rico also borders what sea? 

a) Caspian Sea b) Red Sea

c) Caribbean Sea d) Mediterranian Sea

6) Puerto Rico is part of what commonwealth? 

a) United Kingdom b) United States

c) New Zealand d) Australia

7) What are the official languages of Puerto Rico?

a) English & Spanish b) English & French

c) Spanish & French d) Spanish & Latin


8) What is Florida also referred to as?

a) The Rainy State b) The Cloudy State

c) The Sunshine State d) The Bottom State

9) Florida is what state of America?   

a) 23rd b) 28th

c) 29th d) 27th

10) What popular tourist destination is in Florida?

a) Rainbows End b) Dream World

c) Disneyland d) Disney World

Tuesday, 15 September 2020

Work Tuesday

Ice Questions

Antarctic Ice - Questions

Please read the article on Antarctica here before answering the questions.

The Ice Sheet

1) Antarctica is covered in a... 

a) Tiny Ice Sheet b) Medium Ice Sheet

c) Giant Ice Sheet d) Is that like a blanket of ice? (yes it is)

2) On average the ice sheet is:

a) Over 2km deep b) Under 2km deep

3) At its thickest point the ice is:

a) 4km deep b) 5km deep

c) 6km deep d) 7km deep

4) At its thickest point how many Sky Towers could you fit?

a) 2-3 b) 20

c) 6 d) 12

Hidden in the ice

5) What land features does the article not mention hidden in the ice

a)r b) Mountains

c) Waterfalls d) Rocks

6) Which is bigger?

a) Lake Taupo b) Lake Vostok

7) What is the name of the mountain range buried in the ice? 

a) Gamburtsev b) Vostok

c) Ruapehu d) Taupo

Frozen Desert

8) What makes it a desert? 

a) sand b) little rainfall

c) camels d) I like turtles

9) Is Antarctica dry? 

a) No it’s made of ice b) Yes because ice isn’t wet (only melted ice)

c) I don’t even know d) I still like turtles